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“Vyel” is the musical nom de plume of Vincent Lévêque, a Paris-based singer, musician and producer. His name comes from the English phonetic pronunciation of his initials.

Born and raised in Châlons-en-Champagne, France, Vincent began playing French horn as a child, and learned guitar whilst playing in various bands during high school and college.

I started to post my first covers and remixes of well-known songs on SoundCloud and YouTube in 2011. Seven years later, my cover of Coldplay’s hit “Hymn for the Weekend” featuring Sophia Omarji got more than 1,500,000 streams on Spotify and 60,000 views on YouTube.
As a result of the track’s success, BOXINLION, two DJs from Los Angeles then remixed the cover in a 4-minute trap-electro style production, and this remix got more than 1,600,000 streams on Spotify as well. I still don't believe it. We didn't expect so much enthusiasm!

Many collaborations with other artists led to the release of two other covers such as “Faded”, featuring the French vocalist Emma Lachance and “The Greatest”, featuring Alissa Müller.

Vyel is featured on J Holland and DDRey's single "Love You Anyway", which is his first original release with his own lyrics. Two other singles came out later on after another collaboration with DDRey, "All Over Again" and "Try".

Vyel is currently working on new original songs – He’s still posting covers on his YouTube channel, waiting for their release date very soon.



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